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Wed, 25-May-2016 1:04:24 PM (3 years 3 months ago) To K. Ga
You are such a lovely client and more to a friend now. Thank you kha.


Wed, 25-May-2016 11:46:08 AM (3 years 3 months ago) 昨年4月主人のバンコク転勤で子供達がISBに通うことになり、NIchda Thaniに家探しを始まった。しかし日本人多くはスクンビット地域に集中して、日系不動産が扱っている物件はほとんどスクンビット地域に限定されているため、Nichada Thaniの物件は自分で探すしかなかった。ネットで検索してみたら、このサイトThai Property Guideに辿り着いた。予算に合った物件はいくつあったので、とりあえず問い合わせメールを出した。そしてすぐ返事が来て、いくつ質問を聞かれた後、物件見学の日程を決めた。

Last April because of my husband’s expatriate assignment in Bangkok and my children go to ISB, we started to find property in Nichada Thani. But Japanese almost live in downtown and the Japanese agency only provide property in downtown, so we searched on internet and found this website (Thai Property Guide). There were some properties within our budget, so we emailed for inquiry. The response was quickly and after answered some questions we made a schedule of visiting Nichada.
We first met Ms.Nita when we visited Nichada, she’s very friendly and knows Nichada Thani very well. She guided us around Nichada and we found a property which was we preferred. When we moved in, Nita and her staffs supported us to apply internet, cable TV and purchase furniture. On the moving day Nita came in the early morning and took us to shopping, we’ve been very helpful. It’s fortunate that we could choose this agency.

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