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Kila and Dianne

Thu, 2-Mar-2017 10:44:33 PM (2 years 10 months 17 days ago) Dear Khun Nita and Khun Wannipa,
Thanks so much for your assistance in finding us our new home. It's our second night in our new home in Nichada Thani and we already know this home is a perfect fit. Your professional guidance and assistance is on par with or even better than other agents we've used during our 5 year stay in Bangkok. We are really thankful we called you and will recommend your services to other colleagues in Chevron. From my family, to your hardworking team- Thanks again and best wishes.

Damon and Kim Ellison

Mon, 23-Jan-2017 1:54:09 PM (2 years 11 months 27 days ago) Thank you Khun Nita for helping us find the perfect house in the Bangkok area, and for making the process easy and pleasant! From looking at homes, to negotiating the contract, to moving-in, you were there every step of the way with great professionalism and genuine care. We appreciate the extra time you spent with our family showing us around the area and helping us to acclimate to Thailand. When we look back at how overwhelmed we were the first couple of days of arriving here, you stand out as one of the first people to help us feel at home. Even now when we run into you, it is always a joy. We highly recommend you and Thai Property Guide to anyone looking for a home in Bangkok.


Tue, 17-Jan-2017 2:52:27 PM (3 years ago) My dealing with ThaiProperty company are excellent. Khun Nita / Khun Wannipa and the rest of the team are so professional in dealing with my needs, assisting me all the way in getting a nice home in Bangkok. I need a big house with pets friendly (3 dogs / 3 cats) and they assisted me for the whole duration of two weeks to find one that suits my need. Thank you again to them, wonderful work and well done to them.

George Hierro and Ana Robayo

Sun, 8-Jan-2017 10:13:27 AM (3 years ago) Khun Apple, Khun Nita, and Khun Wannipa exceeded our expectations in helping us find a new home in Bangkok. Through their hard work and tireless efforts, we found an apartment in two weeks--significantly faster than planned. Furthermore, they found an incredible apartment at an unbeatable price. All the staff at Thai Property Guide were responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful, and without question, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone moving to Bangkok, especially those moving here for the first time. Thanks again, and all the best!

-George and Ana

Christine Wellington-Moore

Sat, 24-Dec-2016 8:22:04 AM (3 years ago) As a new arrival to Bangkok, i cannot recommend Thai Property Guide more highly. I had very limited time during an initial visit to the city, and one night wrote a desperate email asking for assistance in seeing potential homes within the next 48 hrs. I immediately got an email response from Khun Wannipa, and Khun Nita was soon in touch by phone to organize a tour of apartments and houses. Among the properties shown was one that was newly renovated and had yet to be posted online. It was ideally situated near my daughter's school in Sukhumvit, and had other requested amenities.

After a day of touring (including a delicious complimentary lunch), I knew I wanted the wonderfully renovated place, but feared that since I was leaving the country immediately afterward to bring the rest of my family to Bangkok, i would not have a good shot at securing the apartment I was so wrong. Thai Property guide brokered the agreement on lease terms and signature by all parties through email, and patiently guided me through making payments from a distance. I was then able to arrive with my family, and immediately move into the apartment. Khun Nita greeted us with welcome housewarming gifts, assisted us with installation of cable and internet, and even kindly took us to the local mart to get some basic essentials for the house.

I have moved many times to many places in the course of my career, but I have NEVER had service like that of Thai Property Guide. This company is truly exceptional, with exceptional employees, and I would confidently tell anyone arriving in Bangkok that Thai Property Guide will find you a wonderful new home!


Fri, 28-Oct-2016 10:21:44 PM (3 years 2 months 22 days ago) Dear khun Nita,

Thank you so much for finding us our beautiful appartment in Silom. We are almost completely settled in by now and really love the place and the wonderful location. Our furniture fits perfectly in the spacious rooms and it already feels homey and cozy. I hope to show it sometime soon to you. The building is well maintained and the people are all very friendly and if we have some issues or problems in our unit, they will immediately try to solve it for us. The swimming pool is amazing and I have started doing my laps in the morning.
I really appreciate the time you spend with me, showing me all the available units and the various neighborhoods of Bangkok. I have learned a lot from Thailand and its food and culture during our chats and it was a truly unique introduction to your beautiful country and capitol. I am very pleased with the service of Thai Property. Everything was very professional and efficient. Instead of showing me just anything, you really listened to my wishes and concerns and made sure no time was wasted with sightings of units that wouldn't fit my description. Also for prices, if you were in doubt, you or someone from your team would call in advance to see if the owner was willing to negotiate, rather than just hope for the best afterwards. We will certainly recommend your services to newcomers in Bangkok.
Thanks again for all the help!
Best wishes, Sander

Sian Seamer

Fri, 30-Sep-2016 4:38:48 PM (3 years 3 months 20 days ago) Good morning Khun Marnie,

Thank you so much for still thinking about us!! Mantana is a stunning complex. The clubhouse & pool area are fabulous!! However, we have had a meeting with our landlady here at Villa Nakarin, and managed to secure a three year contract. So no need for all the stress of moving.

Thank you once again for all your help! As I said are the most professional agency I have come across in Bangkok! And I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, or using your services in the future!

Best regards

Sian seamer

Kristen Lyons

Fri, 26-Aug-2016 2:23:51 PM (3 years 4 months 24 days ago) Dear Jah and the team at Thaiproperty Guide.

Thank you so much for your help in finding me the perfect home away from home in Bangkok.
Jah, you are a credit and wonderful asset to your company. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for property in Bangkok.
And thank you for your gifts! My apartment smells gorgeous!

Warmest regards,

Kristen Lyons

Thiago and Karine Moraes

Sun, 7-Aug-2016 4:04:48 PM (3 years 5 months 12 days ago) Hello Nita
Thank you so much for your attention, patience and dedication to show us really good options here in Bangkok.
We really appreciate.

Hope to see you soon.
Karine and Thiago Moraes

Anibal Nieto

Mon, 1-Aug-2016 3:54:18 PM (3 years 5 months 18 days ago) I was looking for houses in Nachida area and Nita Law gave me the best attention ever
I just to thanks Nita for her excellent and professional job.. !!
thank you very much for all the support you provide

Lizzie Tagg

Thu, 9-Jun-2016 3:52:31 PM (3 years 7 months 10 days ago) Dear kuhn Nita

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers and blessings.
They are Truly beautiful.

Nita, may I take this opportunity please, to express my deep gratitude for
the manner in which Jah has conducted herself.
Jah has been fantastic.
A credit to your company.

Thank you again for this kindness.

Bruce and I look forward to finalising the contract as soon as possible.

Lizzie Tagg

Dear Apple and Nita

Mon, 30-May-2016 4:33:55 PM (3 years 7 months 20 days ago)
I wanted to send a short note of appreciation to both of you for helping us find a place to stay in Bangkok. From the time we met till the conclusion of the Agreement, I have found both of you extremely professional, patient and attentive to our needs. You took the effort to understand what we required and went out of your way to help us find the place of our liking and choice.

I signed the agreement this evening and look forward to staying in touch.

With warm wishes
Subrata Barman
International Finance Corporation


Wed, 25-May-2016 2:12:26 PM (3 years 7 months 25 days ago) To K. Yoshi
You are such a lovely client and more to a friend now. Thank you


Wed, 25-May-2016 1:04:24 PM (3 years 7 months 25 days ago) To K. Ga
You are such a lovely client and more to a friend now. Thank you kha.


Wed, 25-May-2016 11:46:08 AM (3 years 7 months 25 days ago) 昨年4月主人のバンコク転勤で子供達がISBに通うことになり、NIchda Thaniに家探しを始まった。しかし日本人多くはスクンビット地域に集中して、日系不動産が扱っている物件はほとんどスクンビット地域に限定されているため、Nichada Thaniの物件は自分で探すしかなかった。ネットで検索してみたら、このサイトThai Property Guideに辿り着いた。予算に合った物件はいくつあったので、とりあえず問い合わせメールを出した。そしてすぐ返事が来て、いくつ質問を聞かれた後、物件見学の日程を決めた。

Last April because of my husband’s expatriate assignment in Bangkok and my children go to ISB, we started to find property in Nichada Thani. But Japanese almost live in downtown and the Japanese agency only provide property in downtown, so we searched on internet and found this website (Thai Property Guide). There were some properties within our budget, so we emailed for inquiry. The response was quickly and after answered some questions we made a schedule of visiting Nichada.
We first met Ms.Nita when we visited Nichada, she’s very friendly and knows Nichada Thani very well. She guided us around Nichada and we found a property which was we preferred. When we moved in, Nita and her staffs supported us to apply internet, cable TV and purchase furniture. On the moving day Nita came in the early morning and took us to shopping, we’ve been very helpful. It’s fortunate that we could choose this agency.

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