Tell us what you feel about our service.


Kirsty O

Mon, 4-Nov-2019 2:13:17 PM (8 days ago) Thanks Apple for your help as always, and for being available on short notice for viewings! I’d recommend you and the company to others.

Christopher Toso

Thu, 10-Oct-2019 5:43:56 PM (1 month 2 days ago) I am impressed. Khun Apple was very responsive and came to assist whenever I requested, even offering help on weekends. She was able to negotiate everything that I asked, for a cumulative savings of 10,000thb per month. I'm very thankful, and will recommend her to anyone incoming for the Embassy or DoD.

Thank you Khun Apple!


Tue, 8-Oct-2019 7:55:00 PM (1 month 4 days ago) K.Apple keeps things real in the stressful process of renting an apartment in a short time-frame. Her attention to details and suggestions that may seem minor does make a difference!
Thanks for the effort

Christophe & Silvia

Sun, 29-Sep-2019 5:15:08 PM (1 month 14 days ago) k.Apple has been very professional during all our visits.
Silvia was a little afraid as she cannot speak English very well but k.Apple made it very easy and Silvia felt very comfortable.

Thanks a lot for your work !!

Nicole Wu

Fri, 27-Sep-2019 3:21:23 PM (1 month 16 days ago) We would like to thank you Khun Apple for her excellent service! We appreciate that she took us to so many as seeing the apartments in person helped us make our decision. We love the place she found for us. Again, we are so thankful to have Khun Apple as our agent!

Franck Portet

Fri, 27-Sep-2019 3:04:01 PM (1 month 16 days ago) Khun Apple has been extremely helpful and fully dedicated to what I consider to be the major milestone when arriving a new country : finding a warm and causy house.
What she found exceed my expection and my family is now living our new life to its fullest. Thank you so much, I highly recommend Khun Apple and her professional team, which will help with the contractual aspects of the things as well. Cheers.

Brian Wahl

Tue, 10-Sep-2019 4:02:55 PM (2 months 2 days ago) Khun Tao was the perfect person to help us find an ideal place to live in Bangkok! She understands the needs of expat families extremely well and gave us not only an excellent range of places to see, but she was also honest and thoughtful with her input about each place. Khun Tao is patient, kind, empathetic and an excellent negotiator too. She still continues to check in with us well after we moved in-- talk about outstanding costumer service! I also had a great initial conversation with Khun Nita who also shared excellent advice about how to choose a place to live in this huge city. I enthusiastically recommend Thai Property Guide and thank their team and especially Khun Tao so much for truly wonderful and caring service!

Lynn Thomas

Tue, 3-Sep-2019 12:34:54 PM (2 months 9 days ago) We had a wonderful experience with Khun Tao in finding the perfect abode for us. She is soft spoken, helpful and understood our requirements properly and was quick to find out the perfect house. She was patient to deal with us and also to the different requirements and changes we had time to time and helped us with negotiations too. She has gone out of her way to help us in every way possible so we could understand the city and settle in more easily with our 4 year old. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking out for a place in Bangkok. We really appreciate all that you have done Khun Tao. Thank u so much.

Subair Ibrahim

Sat, 31-Aug-2019 8:46:15 PM (2 months 12 days ago) Excellent service, friendly and flexible staff. We managed to get a very nice apartment in a prime location through this company. I have no hesitation to recommend Thaiprooertyguide...


Thu, 4-Jul-2019 10:17:38 AM (4 months 8 days ago) Khun Nita was a fantastic guide to Bangkok and spent a few days with us looking for houses and really got to know exactly what we were looking for. She found the perfect house for us and helped us with negotiations. Would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone new to Bkk!


Sat, 13-Apr-2019 9:32:58 PM (6 months 30 days ago) Khun Apple is a very experienced property manager who helped us a lot with our challenging house search. She is patient, understanding and always friendly by nature. She dealt with unexpected events very well and was able to solve problems quickly, taking away most of our headaches. I am sure she will always try her level best to find the perfect home for her clients. Big thank you K. Apple! Best wishes

Maria Switala

Fri, 12-Apr-2019 12:43:55 PM (7 months ago) Khun Nita and Khun Marnie were responsive, kind and knowledgable during our search for a rental house. I greatly appreciated the support and flexibility they offered to my family as we deliberated over available properties. They were patient, accommodating and offered great advice to help us find a place that meets our needs. Thank you!

Jilly Resink

Mon, 28-Jan-2019 10:51:55 AM (9 months 15 days ago) Our agent Khun Tao had a difficult task finding our family of four people and two dogs a house here in BKK. We were very specific about our requirements. Khun Tao was quick to work out what we needed to work for the whole family; she then worked out what we liked and didn't like and weeded out what was not going to work. She worked really hard to find us a house that would fit our requirements but which would also afford us a comfortable home living environment.
Thanks Khun Tao, we really appreciate the effort you made for us.


Sun, 20-Jan-2019 6:11:24 PM (9 months 23 days ago) I have just spent a week with Khun Nita, looking for an apartment. She was so helpful and positive. She’d listened carefully to what we were looking for and put together a great list to look through. She has a great relationship with many of the condo/apartment managers and is able to coordinate visits very quickly. She went above and beyond to help us and I’d be happy to recommend her service.

Richard Persaud

Mon, 17-Dec-2018 10:03:05 AM (10 months 26 days ago) Moving is not an easy task, especially when it comes to transcontinental moves. Having done so a few times, I can say that TPG provided not only excellent service, but has an expertise and knowledge about Bangkok that is hard to come by. They were responsive and pro-active, but most importantly took the time to understand our needs first and foremost. They have our highest recommendation and I am pleased to be a reference for anyone looking for a quality agent when moving to Thailand.

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